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"Festín en pelotas" tituló Diario Popular.

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Lo que son las casualidades, Terra... Estoy leyendo un artículo en la última edición de la revista Rolling Stone y me encuentro con una referencia sobre William Burroughs y una experiencia psicodélica que tuvo poco después de haber matado por accidente a su esposa... El artículo habla sobre un nuevo "gurú" de compuestos psicotrópicos que hay en NYC y sobre lo que se conoce como Ayahuasca. El artículo dice que la descripción que Burroughs dá sobre su experiencia es la referencia más temprana que hay en la cultura occidental sobre la droga. Ahí te va sin traducir:

The earliest descriptions of the drugh come from William Burroughs, who tried it in the 1950s a short time after he accidentally killed his wife. He had placed a glass on her head in a lighthearted mood; "It's time for our William Tell act," he said, and shot a gun at her brain. On ayahuasca, Burroughs found himself in a city where dead carcasses littered the streets. "Funerals and ceremonies are not permitted," he wrote. "Albinos blink in the sun, boys sit in trees languidly masturbating, people eaten by unknown diseases spit at passersby and bite them and throw pus and scabs and assorted vectors hoping to infect somebody." He began "seeing or feeling what I thought was a Great Being, or some sense of It, approaching my mind like a big wet vagina... a big black hole of God-Nose thru which I peered into a mystery - the black hole surrounded by all creation." He said ayahuasca was the scariest drug he'd ever taken.

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